2oz TriRelief Now Available!

TriRelief 2 oz Pain Management Cream

Some pretty exciting things are going on at Q-Based Healthcare. You’ve been asking for it, and now here it is — 2 oz TriRelief Pain Management Cream is now available on our website and our shopping cart! We’ve taken our breakthrough, non-toxic TriRelief and put it in a convenient 2 oz jar! Now you can get the same full-strength Arthritis, Joint and Muscle pain fighting-power in a compact, travel-friendly size. You can leave your 4 oz TriRelief at home and take the new 2 oz size with you to work, school, or keep it with you in a briefcase, purse, car or backpack! Stock up an save, because at only $19.95, it’s a steal! Or you can sign up for our monthly TriRelief subscription, pay $1 for the first month’s sample, and for just $17.95 + shipping a month, you’ll receive a 2 oz TriRelief in your mailbox, automatically. It’s like getting a free 2 oz jar every year!

Now don’t worry, those of you who’ve come to love our 4 oz TriRelief over the years can still get it in the classic 4 oz size for the same low price it’s always been, $29.95. In addition to our 2 and 4 oz jars, we also still offer our TriRelief Cream Samples (just $1.00! for shipping and handling) and the TriRelief 5-Pack for those who like to stock up. Also, check out our shopping cart for our other money-saving TriRelief bundle packs, or call one of our friendly healthcare advisors on our 24/7 order line at 1-866-314-8917, to have them help you create a custom regimen that works for your muscle, joint or Arthritis pains. With so many options, we have the solution that’s right for you!

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