Living with Chronic Pain

The onset of arthritis and many other conditions lead to chronic pain - that is pain who’s cause has no known cure - and it is a fact that many of us will spend a good part of our life suffering from such; arthritis, in many forms, affects a large proportion of the population, particularly those in middle age and beyond, and is the result of the degeneration of joints. It can not be cured, but there are many ways in which one can learn to live with chronic pain.

It is a fact that stress can lead to an exaggeration of joint and muscle pain, so one of the steps towards living with chronic pain, whether it be arthritis induced or otherwise, is to alleviate stressful conditions. Make sure time is taken for relaxation, and that rushing and last minute actions are kept to a minimum, as these actions can induce stress and add to the problem.

Furthermore, and it may sound like a paradox, exercise is essential in managing chronic pain, especially that linked with joint degeneration or muscle pain; simple and basic, but regular, exercise is advised by many medical practitioners and helps on many levels. The joints and muscles are designed to move, and degenerate when not active. This can be clearly seen in patients who have had a limb in plaster for some length of time - once the cast is removed their muscles will not be able to act as they should, and physiotherapy is needed. Keeping the joints active, and the muscles moving, helps to alleviate the pain and keep them in better order.

The second level is that exercise has a proven benefit to mental health, and this needs to be kept in top order so that one can combat chronic pain; regular walks of short distances are advised, and the improvement should be notable.

The use of pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs is popular and can have a desired effect, for the intention with chronic pain sufferers is to relieve the suffering - a direct cure is unavailable, after all.

There are also treatments that help by lubricating the joints and areas infected; these are very useful in managing chronic pain and can be extremely effective on the whole. They work on different levels, too, bringing relief to the pain and slowing the onset of arthritis or other degenerative diseases by helping keep the joints in better condition.

Chronic pain is something that affects many of us - as many as one in five people according to recent research - and those who do suffer need all the help they can in adapting to a life dominated by chronic pain. The treatments mentioned go a long way to helping the individual mange his or her pain, and to relieving the suffering to at least some degree. As medical research advances there will be more treatments available, but for now the above tips should go some way to helping sufferers live with chronic pain.

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