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The Causes of Joint Pain

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Joint pain is something that a great proportion of us will suffer from during our lifetime, and the cause of such can be varied indeed. To understand what causes joint pain it is helpful to know what joints are and what it is they do.

A joint is a term used to describe a connecting point between two bones, one where articulation is necessary; there are numerous types of joint in the body, and each of them uses a mechanism to enable movement of the bones as required. Think of the way in which the knees move differently to the shoulders, or the elbows different in manner to the fingers, and the distinctions are evident. However, it is clear that all joints need to move, and pain is often resultant from difficulty in doing just that.

The movement of our joins is made possible by a coating that is present on the bones - this is known as cartilage, and it can become damaged or distressed. Among the most common causes of joint pain of this fashion is the condition known as arthritis.

It is common in varying forms, and among the most prevalent is a form known as osteoarthritis.

This occurs as the cartilage becomes worn or begins to degenerate, and the friction between the bones becomes more pronounced. Osteoarthritis is most frequently seen in those over 50 years of old, and can also be enhanced in families with a history of the condition.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another very common form of the disease, this one caused by the degeneration of the thin tissue known as the synovium, a partner of cartilage in friction reduction, and results in great pain and reduced movement in the joints. This type of arthritis is more prevalent in women than it is in men, by as much as three times.

The third common type of arthritis is that known as post-traumatic arthritis, and occurs following an accident that damages the bone; in this case the joints may not heal properly, resulting in a less than smooth surface to the bone and inferior operation of the joint.

Arthritis is not the sole cause of joint pain and problems, but it is the most common by far; many severe cases are treated by replacing the affected joint with an artificial version, a practice that is becoming much more common in modern times. There are treatments for lesser cases that involve exercise and dietary routines, and the management of pain is primarily the aim in all cases of arthritis, as the condition has no known definite cure.

Dealing with chronic joint pain brought on by arthritis of any kind can be difficult, but in need not be crippling; there are several courses of action that the sufferer can take that will help towards the release of pain. It pays to remember that arthritis is a very common condition, and help is available to all sufferers to a great degree.

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