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What Causes Chronic Pain, and How to Cope with it

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

The causes of chronic pain - that is pain that is suffered for the rest of ones life - are many, but the most common causes are related to arthritis. Without getting too deep into the detail, arthritis comes in many forms and is a disease of the joints. Our bodies are equipped with many joints, all of which enable our limbs and body to move as we want to.

If we imagine that a joint - of which there are many types - is akin to a ball and socket, we get an idea of how the joints work; the ball moves freely in the socket, and is aided in doing so by a smooth coating on the bone called the cartilage. It is when the cartilage begins to degenerate - as in cases of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis - or is damaged in an accident that we suffer from chronic pain; the smooth coating is no longer doing its job, hence the two bones grate against each other.

There is no known cure for any of the types of arthritis, or other causes of chronic pain, but there are ways to help the sufferer cope with the symptoms.

Exercise is recommended - paradoxically - as joints are designed to move and should be kept doing so. The same applies to muscles, as these are directly related to the joints and can also be a source of chronic pain themselves. It is often in the morning, when the patient has been in one position for some time, that chronic pain can manifest at its worse, and doing a few simple exercises first thing in the morning is a sensible move.

Walking and cycling are other methods of exercise that are recommended, but it is imperative that the sufferer takes advice on how much, and what types, of exercise to partake of.

Pain management is vital to sufferers of chronic pain but the oft-prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs are sometimes not successful, and many sufferers do not want to follow this route. However, there are treatments that concentrate on - among other things - lubricating the joints and restoring some of the movement and, thus, reducing the effects of the pain.

These treatments are tried and tested and also harmless, and concentrate not on curing the condition - as this can not be done - but on stemming the degeneration of the joints further and, thus, alleviating the pain.

In severe cases the option of joint replacement can be investigated; this is a practice that has been done for many years now and is considered a relatively simple operation. It involves removing the damaged joint and replacing it with an artificially created version, and in doing so restoring the movement in the affected joint.

It is possible to live with chronic pain, and the above methods of attention all aim at making life more bearable for the sufferer. Finding the right solution to every individual case is the ultimate aim.

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