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Chronic Pain – How to Live With it

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Chronic pain affects a large proportion of the population - estimates say as many as one in five - and can make life unbearable; there are, however, certain treatments that one can undergo, and lifestyle routines that can be adopted, that can successfully hep the sufferer to handle the ongoing problem that is chronic pain.

The causes of chronic pain are many, and the most common are the many forms of arthritis. This occurs when the smooth covering that coats the joints, the elbow, knees and so on, becomes damaged or begins to degenerate. When this happens, for one of many reasons, the bones no longer move without friction and the sufferer experiences pain and loss of mobility as a result.

There is no certain cure for arthritis or other forms of chronic pain, but there are some treatments on the market that go a long way towards alleviating the suffering and restoring mobility. Among these are treatments that help to lubricate the joints and restore some of the lost motion, and they can be very successful indeed.

Given that chronic pain has no cure the aim of such treatments is to help the sufferer live as normal a life as possible; pain management is instrumental in doing so, and hence anti-inflammatory drugs are often prescribed. Many patients prefer not to venture down this route, however, and look to the many natural remedies that are also proven to be successful in helping relieve symptoms of chronic pain.

Furthermore, exercise is known to be a great help in coping with chronic pain. This may seem strange given that it is the movement of the joints that causes the pain in the first place, but when one considers that joints are designed specifically with movement in mind it becomes more understandable. If a joint, or a muscle, is underused it will - naturally - become less usable; a well planned exercise regime - sit ups, leg raises, and many more - can help greatly in keeping the fluids that enable the movement of the joints flowing.

Walking and swimming, and cycling as well, are also good joint manipulations, and when carried out regularly but without over-exertion can be a useful part of any exercise regime.

In addition, diet can have an effect in helping to alleviate chronic pain, and working with a dietician to discover which foods are helpful in this area can bring a better standard of living and, of course, other health benefits.

Living with chronic pain, whether induced by arthritis or otherwise, is never satisfactory but the above tips, and further investigating the newer products that are designed to help the condition, can go a long way towards making life more bearable for the millions of sufferers who wake each day knowing they have to suffer. With careful planning, sufficient exercise and the right treatments, chronic pain can become less of an everyday chore.

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