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Can a chronic pain sufferer lead an active life?

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

It’s an often asked question, and one that has a surprisingly positive answer: yes, sufferers of chronic pain can live active and full lives with the right treatment and attention to the problem. Chronic pain has no cure, of course, and has many causes - arthritis being the prime - but there are ways and means of keeping suffering to a minimum, and reducing the impact of loss of mobility on ones life.

The first step for a sufferer is to take professional advice, and there are many web sites that can be used as valuable sources of information. Given the lack of a cure it is conceivable that repeated visits to the health practitioner will result in prescriptions of pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs; this is neither the best way nor one that many people want to go down, and there are alternative treatments available, plus further advice.

There are treatments that concentrate on keeping the lubrication of the joints enhanced, as most chronic pain is caused when the smooth lining - the cartilage - that enables painless movement is damaged or infected. These treatments will help this problem and, also, reduce future degeneration of the cartilage and its associated artefacts.

Furthermore, it is important to keep the joints moving, as when they are underused - even when healthy - they deteriorate and add to the chronic pain problem. Devising a simple and non-strenuous exercise regime is important in the fight against chronic pain, and with a few very easy exercises first thing in the morning a sufferer can find the rest of the day improved in a very short time.

Walking in the fresh air is a recommended pastime, too, as this involves exercise of the hips and knees, and the related arm joints, giving further movement and mobility to affected joints.

As we have said there are no known cures for chronic pain or its causes, but there remains the choice - in severe cases - to have a surgical replacement; this is carried out in cases where degeneration is almost complete, and the damaged bone will be replaced by an artificial open.

For the daily sufferer living with chronic pain is a chore, but it is entirely possible to live a full and active live if attention is paid to the details; walking regularly - leave the car for every other journey, say, or simply dedicate time for a stroll each day - is advised, and cycling can be a fine way of keeping joints in motion. A stationery bicycle may be a preferred option, as then regular exercise can be taken indoors.

Given that many millions of people suffer from chronic pain - in fact the estimate is one in five - it is important that the above, and many more, steps are taken to make the life of the sufferer easier and alleviate the constant pain. There is no reason why, with planning, ones life can not be as active as the perfectly able man.

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